About us

Media Mirchi Creative Trust is a non-profit non-govt. organization to serve the media persons. The organization is registered under ‘Rajasthan Public Trust Act 1959 (42)’ with the registration no. Jaipur/81/2016. The trust was setup with the purposes of Activities for the promotion and development of the Media Sector (Print, Electronic, Web, Film, TV, Mobile, Public Relation, Information etc.), to do the programs for intellectual and technical development of media persons, to Organize Social activities in media interest, to do the global promotional activities for media.
The Trust shall organize professional activities for working persons in the field of media and for those looking for a career in media. We organize activities to encourage the media persons, organize activities to wake up the consciousness of the media persons. For that, we organize conceptual exchange programs for the development of media Sector, organize aptitudes, training, recreational activities for media persons, organize programs for meaningful dialogue between government and media & other events of interest to society. As well as to provide and facilitate legal assistance to underprivileged and poor section of trust to fight for their rights and justice, to arrange and organize religious, social and cultural programs for all human being from time to time.
The Object of the trust is not to earn profit. All the activity will be done to achieve the object of the trust.